Black Box Technology

Hendron School of Motoring has become the first driving school in the area to introduce the latest black box telematics technology, which aims to improve road safety and cut insurance premiums for young drivers.

Unfortunately young drivers are more prone to having accidents than older drivers. This is the main reason why their premiums are so high. However new technology could make it more affordable and safer in the future for young drivers to get on the road.

We have installed Ingenium Dynamics into one of our cars. It is an award winning driver behaviour management system and tracking device, which involves fitting a small device (black box) to your vehicle which monitors how the vehicle is being driven and also tracks where the vehicle is at all times.

The small unit continuously records key driver behaviour indicators including speed, braking force, rate of acceleration and severity of cornering. The data is transmitted by a sim card to a central computer where it is processed and assessment is made as to whether the driving behaviour is high, medium or low risk. All performance can be viewed on a smart phone or web browser.

This technology has the potential to radically change how motor insurance for young drivers is calculated in the future. We want to give young drivers the opportunity to test the product for themselves and see how it works.

If you would like more information about Ingenium Dynamics, please visit

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